Events: YES I WAS INVITD TO THE VIP PRE VIEW BY THADDAEUS ROPAC owner of Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery

Just got the news from Tahaddaeus Ropac about being invited to the VIP Preview to FIAC 2021

Thaddaeus Ropac in Action

Thaddaeus Ropac at FIAC

Ragnhild at FIAC

Ragnhild at FIAC invited by Thaddaeus Ropac,

Opening at Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery in addition to FIAC featuring Daniel Richter and Georg Baselitz.

Daniel Richter and Ragnhild in front of one of his latest paintings ( Daniel RRicyer is one of my idols in art

George Baselitz and Ragnhild at the opening Basekitz has always inspired me with his wonderful pictures since my beginning to become a serious artist myself